As messaging services from Whatsapp and Facebook continue to grow and maintain their dominance, there is another player in the space called Line that has recently reported some pretty impressive user numbers.

For a service not many of us pay much attention to, surpassing the 300 million users mark is a pretty notable feat. The Japanese based service says the increasing numbers are due to its expansion in Asian markets, but that around 80% of its business originates from overseas business accounts. The number is said to be total registered users, not active monthly users.

Line originally launched in Japan back in 2011 and quickly reached 100 million users within its first year and a half of availability. It quickly jumped to 200 million six months later, just two years after launch.

The service is very much like the others in the space with basic text chat and video calling, but it has a large focus on stickers or stamps that can be posted in your chats or messages. The company makes good money selling additional sticker packs as well, nearly a third of its $59.8 million Q1 2013 earnings is attributed to the digital stamps. Line is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices, as well as on Mac and PC desktops.