2014 could very well be the year of the smartwatch. Samsung and a host of others have already launched products yet we are still expecting other heavyweights like Apple and Google to unveil their take on smart wristwatches perhaps as early as next year and now, we can add another name to that growing list.

ZTE’s marketing chief has confirmed plans to release their own smartwatch by mid-2014. As of now, the gadget doesn’t have a name but we are told it’ll be cheaper than other similar offerings already on the market like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

The device will be aimed at the mainstream market although it will initially only work with ZTE handsets, much like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear only works with the Galaxy Note 3. That’s unfortunate as other competitors like the Pebble work with a number of Android handsets as well as with iOS. We are told the company is considering expanding support in future models, however.

Elsewhere, ZTE said they aren’t limiting themselves to one particular form factor. Instead, they are also experimenting with other types of wearables such as augmented reality visors like Google Glass. Another idea is a connected pair of shoes that could potentially link up to a smartphone for fitness tracking.

The ZTE smartwatch is expected to debut first in China by the middle of next year. No word yet on when or if it’ll be sold in other markets.