For some people, simply playing a game isn't enough - they want to be part of the creation process. To that end, a company called Technology Will Save Us has unveiled a DIY Gamer kit that allows those with a bit of curiosity and technical skill to assemble their own handheld game console and even program custom titles to play.

Included in the kit are some 40 components to solder together as well as an 8 x 8 LED matrix display. The system is based around an Arduino platform and comes with classic gaming controls and a buzzer so users can add music to games. Further, there's even a wireless infrared link that lets players compete against others in multiplayer gaming.

We are told the kit takes about two hours to build depending on your skill set. Naturally, Technology Will Save Us also provides a downloadable how-to manual and a How To Video should you need some extra guidance. The company also offers system builders access to their custom software library to get the most out of the machine.

Once completed, the kit resembles an alternate reality version of Nintendo's original Game Boy that hit retail way back in 1989.

The DIY Gamer kit is available to pre-order as of writing for around $82 although it is unclear exactly when the kit will ship out. I'd also recommend checking out some of their other products as they have a wealth of nifty looking DIY kits to choose from.