While it has been a long time coming for WhatsApp to update specifically for iOS 7, the popular messaging service has now finally introduced improvements across the board including a new look and some enhanced functionality.

Likely the most obvious change here is the iOS 7 inspired aesthetic, you'll notice a flatter and cleaner UI throughout the application, as well as a new icon. As for functionality, WhatsApp has introduced broadcast lists, which allow you to address a large group of classmates, work colleagues or just any selected group of contacts at once.

Beyond that, you'll find improvements made to local sharing with the inclusion of a searchable 3D map view, larger thumbnails, new notification sounds, the ability to crop images before sending them and improved blocked contact management. WhatsApp will also now use your device's universal preference setting for text size.

The newly updated version of WhatsApp is available for free on the App Store now. New users should keep in mind, WhatsApp announced back in March that it will be charging 99 cents per year after the first year on iOS as well.