Any Terraria fans out there? Starbound isn't a clone of Terraria, and it isn't made by the same company, but it is the first complete creation from Tiy, one of the pixel artists that helped bring Terraria to life. If you haven't yet heard about Starbound, then you'll definitely want to hop on the bandwagon, or in this case spaceship, before it takes off. The 2D extraterrestrial sandbox adventure title from Chucklefish Games is entering beta this week and a variety of gamers are taking to Youtube to showcase their experience with it. 

One video, from popular Youtuber TotalBiscuit, gives us a glimpse at over 16 minutes worth of gameplay. TotalBiscuit is accompanied by "Jesse" for this review, and I'll be honest in saying that his antics may turn you away a little from the video, or at least make you want to turn your volume down. Most of the video is just theatrical silliness, and in actuality you're getting about six minutes of actual gameplay mechanics and around ten minutes of ear-piercingly terrible robot impressions. All of that aside though, we do get to see how the game operates, and the video will give you small glimpses at things like combat, crafting, questing. 

Graphically, the game looks rather impressive and all of the enemies and environments look so organic and natural. It's very well put together, like an upgraded version of the Terraria we all know and love. 

I'll let you watch the gameplay without spoiling too much. After all that video is something that should be experienced at least once, and then probably never again.