Tis' the season of themed game updates, and DOTA 2 is joining in on the merriment with the return of Frostivus. Any players who were involved in the MOBA last December know that the festivities were cut short, thanks to a wave of dastardly greevils. According to the teaser site, in honor of Frostivus' early ending last year, the upcoming event will be twice as heart-warming and twice as merry.

If this year's festival is anything like the last, players can expect to see holiday-themed maps and items. There is also a possibility that we will see some new "player created" upgrades, weapons, or armors make it into the update. Valve used last year's celebration as an opportunity to add in gear from the player-driven Polycount Contest. The recently released teaser site hints at some potential features:

"The longest night of the year is a time for weaving by the hearth! Collect bright winter berries and sprigs of fir, and twist them together into mementos for family and friends."

Could these special pick-ups be part of the crafting and socketing system that was introduced in the recent "Three Spirits" update? The site also mentions potential gifting and wish list features:

"The traditional Frostivus truce is in effect. Radiant and Dire may gather to play games and exchange gifts. Find the Frostivus Wish-List of some worthy friend or prickly foe, and play the role of Furtive Frostus, gifting them with something they didn't know they wanted."

It's possible we may see a new game mode as a product of this cryptic message, and there may be some features that allow you to gift players other items. It will be very interesting to see what exactly the update brings. Just remember not to spend all your hard earned cash on DOTA 2, as the Steam Holiday Sale is right around the corner.