It was a depressing blow to Fallout fans learning that the Survivor 2299 "teaser website" was a total hoax. But the dreams of Fallout 4 have not died, and we're learning that the game is in fact real. According to some casting documents that have been leaked to Kotaku, the next-gen post-apocalyptic RPG is currently in development and will take place in the United States city of Boston.

Two weeks ago, a Kotaku reader sent multiple pages from a "script" into the website, and although the document never mentions "Fallout" in any capacity, it does make reference to some things that are very consistent with the Fallout universe. According to the leaked script, the player narrates the game's introduction, starting with the iconic phrase, "War. War never changes." Any Fallout fans will immediately recognize this poignant quote, which was used in the openings of Fallout 1, 2, and 3.

The document outlines the opening video, which displays the world prior to nuclear war, then transitions to showcase things after a full-scale nuclear exchange. The script also makes mention of Preston Garvey, a "Commonwealth Minutemen" that tasks the player with recovering a fusion core from a location within "The Commonwealth," which gives us a big hint to the game's location. Nuclear, fusion, war, and commonwealth are all words that would hint at a potential Fallout 4 release and it's pretty safe to assume that this document proves that something is in development.

We don't yet have a name, a potential release date, or even a solid storyline, but this leak should give all of you Fallout fans comfort in knowing that something is in the works.