Update: As it turns out, the whole thing may have been a scam. Iron Man Factory's website is currently "down for maintenance" and the original YouTube concept video has been pulled due to a copyright claim by Marvel Entertainment. What's more, this YouTuber outlines how the promo video was full of clips and images from other users and most of the gear was foam, not 3D printed as claimed.

A company by the name of Iron Man Factory is now accepting pre-orders for a fully functional (well, mostly) Iron Man suit. Designed for people ranging in height between 5'5" to 6'1", the seven-pound suit (which isn't officially licensed from Marvel) contains enough integrated gadgets to ensure you will more than likely win best costume at your next Halloween costume party.

Superhero aficionados will most certainly appreciate the Mark III's sensor-controlled motors (powered by one AAA battery) used to activate "thrusters" on the back and slide open the helmet. The carbon fiber polymer suit - with a cushioned interior for added comfort - even comes equipped with metallic joints and an LED lighting system but unfortunately, no lasers.

The company is running a crowdfunded campaign to raise enough money to bring the suits to production. They'll need at least 50 pre-orders to move forward, we're told, with production taking between six to eight months. Pricing for the suit varies depending on which option you select.

For example, the 3D-printed helmet alone sells for $1,299 while the full armored suit commands $1,999. In the event you simply can't wait eight months, you can order a 3D-printed version of the suit which requires just three to four months of production lead-time. Of course, time is money and you'll need to plunk down a hefty $35,000 to get it ahead of schedule.

Either way, the company said no cards will be charged until orders ship. All payments are being handled via Stripe, FYI.