The December update for Google Glass has arrived and brought along some interesting features and much required improvements. Dubbed as XE12, the update is one of the biggest yet for Google Glass. Here is a quick roundup of what's new and improved :

Wink Photos

Google Glass is now capable of capturing photographs simply with a wink. Before today, wink photos were possible only through third party apps that required rooting of the Google eyewear. You need to go through a calibration process, that allows Glass to properly differentiate a wink from a blink, in order to setup this feature.


iOS Application

Good news for iPhone users, Google Glass is now iOS compatible. This means that users can now control Glass through an iOS app. Dubbed MyGlass, the iOS app has almost all the features of its Android counterpart. It will be available on the App store later this week.


Till now, Glass users were unable to post videos directly to YouTube. This is no more a limitation as the XE12 update allows you to upload the videos directly to your YouTube channel from Glass. The new sharing options allow the videos to be shared as public, private or unlisted.

Play Music "Touch Menu"

You have probably heard of Google Play Music coming to Glass. What's just in is the new Play Music "Touch Menu" that allows users to navigate playlists and choose "My Stations" or "I'm Feeling Lucky Radio" to listen to radio.


You'll no longer see the "Sent Through Glass" message as Google's chopped off the signature from SMS, though it'll still be appended to sent e-mails. Another feature that faced the axe is the "Guest Mode", Google says that maintaining the feature was an extra burden on developers. Just create a demo account and freely hand over Glass to your family and friends.

You can now setup a screen lock to prevent others from using your Glass whenever the device is deactivated or is off your head. Photo Sharing, SMS and text chat can now be done through Hangouts. If that isn't enough, you can now query Glass even for your calorific intake. Try "ok glass, google 'how many calories in a banana?".