Steam recently kicked off their Holiday sale and inevitably many of us will do little to resist the opportunity of adding a few titles to our collections. Some will prove to be good investments, providing hours of entertainment at a heavily discounted price, while others might amount to nothing more than an impulse buy you fire up a couple of times and soon forget all about. Hopefully you’ll get more of the former than the latter.

In this week’s open forum we want you to revisit your personal stats for some hindsight on how wisely your dollars have been spent in the past. What’s your most and least played games on Steam? Head to your library and sort titles by playtime for a quick overview at the total number of hours spent on each game.

As a side note, we've updated our forum software to the latest Xenforo release, and you can now drag and drop images into the reply box. If you want to brag about (or shame yourself) sharing your Steam stats feel free to post a screenshot like the one on top -- which belongs to Matt, by the way.