Ubisoft Massive has said it plans to fully utilize the capabilities of the PC platform for its upcoming title, The Division. This isn't just going to be another PC/console port in which the computer-based finished product ends up looking hastily tossed together, or doesn't unlock its true visual potential. That's great news for anyone interested in the next-gen action game, especially after getting a glimpse at the visually stunning Snowdrop-engine teaser trailer that was unveiled at VGX 2013.

Snowdrop will allow developers to create some incredible eye candy, with immense detail and movie quality lighting effects. All of this, will of course look and interact better on PCs. "As you know, Massive has its roots in PC development. We are working hard and we want to make sure that we have a very high quality experience on PC," wrote the developer in a blog post. "You can be sure that our PC version won't be a port, but a full-fledged, optimized version! We want to create the best game possible regardless of what platform you play on."

Ubisoft Massive also talked briefly about the destruction tools featured in the engine. The VGX trailer showcases a car mirror and windshield being shot, and the impressive detail allows the glass to crack and break as bullets penetrate its exterior. This particular part of the engine is something that Massive is very excited about, and developers state that "when glass shatters or wood splinters, it will mimic reality like you've never seen before." It's going to be very interesting to see just how realistic these types of elements are when developers are ready to release the finished product.

For now though, PC fans can rejoice in the fact that Massive is taking their system of choice very seriously and although this game will be a cross-platform release, developers won't allow the true potential of the Snowdrop engine to be wasted.