Reports of overheating chargers led Google and HP to halt sales of the Chromebook 11 last month. The chargers in question were ultimately recalled last week following an investigation by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission but now, the system is back up for sale with a redesigned charger according to 9to5Google.

Google sent the publication an updated HP Chromebook 11 with the new charger that is said to look like a smaller version of the one included with the Chromebook Pixel. The unit is made by China-based Lite-On, a name you're probably familiar with if you've purchased an optical drive over the past several years.

It is equipped with a microUSB tip and supplies 5.25V at 3A which is a lot more than most microUSB chargers. Alternately, you can use a standard microUSB charger like those provided with a tablet or smartphone as was suggested during the investigation but do note that it will charge at a much slower rate.

Those with the original charger, around 145,000 according to Google, are encouraged to contact the search giant for a free replacement either through the Chrome support website or by calling the company directly.

Moving forward, we expect systems with the revised power adapter to start shipping to retailers in the near future although as of writing, the product page on Google Play still says "coming soon." With any luck, it'll show up in the coming days - just in time to make it under the tree.