Canonical seems to be on track to deliver a dual boot solution to switch between Ubuntu and Android on your mobile device. The company has just announced Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview. According to the announcement, the dual boot process is now as easy as installing and running an Android app that lets you easily switch between the two operating systems. Once you make a choice, just restart the device for changes to take effect.

Canonical says the dual boot solution should work with stock releases, AOSP, and even Cynogenmod. The device must be running Android 4.2 or higher.

The installation process is not as uncomplicated at this stage however. It currently requires a bootloader unlocked Nexus 4 device (other Nexus devices should work but haven't been tested) with USB debugging enabled and 2.7GB free space, a computer running Ubuntu OS, and ADB tools.

Though there is little room for error as everything is scripted, if something does go wrong there is not much you can do. The company warns that the dual boot rewrites the Android recovery partition, which leaves re-flashing of image as the only way back. If that freaks you out, better wait for the end product. The dual boot solution is a good move from Canonical. This will provide Ubuntu with an opportunity to penetrate the vast Android market.