Over 400,000 Steam users were eligible for selection in the Steam Machine beta test. Only 300 were chosen. I never would’ve guessed I’d be one of them as the odds were certainly not in my favor. Being one of the lucky few makes it my self-proclaimed duty to share my impressions not only with Valve, but the public as well.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Who could’ve asked for better delivery? Each prototype Steam Machine arrived in a specially made wooden crate adorned with various Valve and Steam-related logos and markings. The top tells you exactly what to expect when you open it if you weren’t already familiar: a Steam Machine and Steam Controller. Scan the rest of the crate and you’ll spot a cute companion cube suggesting you handle this delicate package with care. I’d listen if I were you…

Rather than force you to crack this crate open with a crowbar, Valve decided on a more friendly approach. Simply snip the restraints and twist and lift the latch. Inside you’ll find your Steam Machine snuggly encapsulated by styrofoam. Carefully remove it and you’ll find the controller, manuals, and cables just the same.

The Machine

Surprisingly premium. I can’t help but compare the build quality to that of an Apple product. Looking at it isn’t enough, you just have to touch it. Running your hand across the smooth metal while admiring its visual beauty is a delight to the senses. Power up the machine and the button emits a soft, white glow. Stunning!

What’s inside? I thought you’d never ask…

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