Netflix is looking to add to its user base with a discounted offering for new subscribers. The new price point allows users to watch on one screen in standard definition only for just $6.99 per month. That's a buck cheaper than the next highest plan that allows members to watch on two screens at the same time in high definition or standard definition.

A third option, a family plan, allows subscribers to view up to four simultaneous streams in either standard or high definition for $11.99 each month.

A standard definition only option may seem like a pointless choice for most viewing at home, but that's probably not what Netflix has in mind. One would surmise that a standard definition, single view option would be best suited for people watching clips on their smartphones. True, most modern handsets now have high definition screens but considering the small real estate, it'd be harder to tell a quality difference.

What's more, it requires far less bandwidth to stream a standard definition clip to a smartphone which will go a long way in helping to conserve data plans for those without unlimited data.

A Netflix customer representative reportedly told a customer that they were testing the new plans out among a select group. Looking forward, however, the rep said they would definitely offer standard definition streaming on a wider basis at some point in the future.