GOG.com has been forced to remove its digital copies of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics, thanks to a legal battle between Bethesda and Interplay. This is the final product of the two year long lawsuit, in which Bethesda earned the rights to a Fallout MMO, as well as the transfer of all Fallout IP from Interplay. The $2 million settlement was reached all the way back in January 2012, but the information was set to transfer after December 2013.

This, unfortunately, means that GOG is no longer allowed to sell the original Fallout titles, without reaching a new agreement with Bethesda. All three games have been removed from the GOG platform, but anyone who has purchased any of these titles in the past can still download and access them at any time. That's good news for any fans out there who managed to grab the post-apocalyptic releases when GOG offered them in a free bundle just weeks ago.

It is very likely that Besthesda will reach a new agreement with the DRM-free re-seller, but it is curious that a smoother transition wasn't achieved. After all, both companies had ample time to strike up a deal while they waited for the lawsuit ruling to enact. It is also unknown what will happen to the titles on Steam. As of writing this article, all three games are still available on Valve's platform, and it is possible that Valve and Bethesda already reached an agreement.