A slew of Marvel-based titles have been yanked from digital storefronts, including Steam, Xbox Live, and the Playstation Network. This news come on the heels of a recent Marvel "New Years sale" that was spotted on Facebook. Titles like Deadpool, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, X-Men: Destiny, and a mass of other super-human releases saw large price cuts at a variety of digital outlets.

The Facebook post stated that "These games - and their corresponding DLC - will no longer be available on the Xbox Games Store or the PlayStation Network after New Year's Eve." But we were not aware that this also affected PC users and Steam. Rumors that Marvel was moving its titles completely out of the digital download realm soon followed and were validated by Activision's community manager Dan Amrich.

"For those asking about it: Marvel Activision titles are no longer available for digital download. Hence the sale!," said Amrich in a recent Twitter post. He went on to say that Capcom had also pulled its popular Marvel Vs. Capcom games from digital download.

It is possible that Marvel's parent company, Disney is attempting to re-evaluate distribution of the super hero brand, and that these titles will once again find their way onto a digital platform in the near future. It is also important to note that Deadpool recently released (within the last 6 months) and it is uncertain if this will affect availability and stock of the game from a retail standpoint.