Ever since GTA V landed on consoles, a hungry PC community has been clamoring the opportunity to wreak havoc in the city of Los Santos. Unfortunately, three months have passed since Rockstar's record breaking title first hit store shelves and there is still no word on any PC developments. But gamers are hoping to speed up the process, thanks to a petition that surfaced back in 2012.

The petition to bring GTA V to PC was started by Mike Julliard after he noticed an interview with Rockstar's Dan Houser, in which he spoke about the possibility of bringing the open-world crime-fest to other outlets. Houser was quick to point out that Rockstar is a third-party developer, which gives them the freedom to decide when and where to launch. PC, Wii U, mobile, it doesn't matter where the market is as long as there's a market.

Shortly after gamers realized that a port wasn't coming to PC, the petition began to flood with signatures. By the time the title arrived on Xbox 360 and PS3, the formal request had already received over 500,000 signatures. Now three months later, it's up over the 650,000 mark. Gamers are hopeful to muster up 1 million signatures to present to Rockstar, but in my opinion the petition has already served its purpose.

It has shown developers that there is indeed a PC market for the release, and that they have a potential 650,000 customers waiting for their product. It's probably safe to assume that Rockstar will give PC gamers what they want, hopefully sometime in the near future. Whether or not they present them with a simple port, or a completely PC focused re-release, remains to be seen.