CyanogenMod has its own photo gallery app coming to replace the AOSP app. The new GalleryNext app promises a deep feature set but maintains a simple and easy-to-use design approach throughout.

The goal here is to create a simple and intuitive app where users can view all their images whether they are stored locally or in the cloud. The app comes with support for popular online storage/photo services and social networks like Flickr, Picasa, Google+, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Along with video playback support, GalleryNext will support animated GIFs and boasts a feature called Moments that uses metadata to categorize and group together various images.

While many of the GalleryNext features can already be found in the official AOSP gallery app, the photo organizer is expected to be replaced by Google+ Photos, a move some users aren't exactly excited about. Fortunately, it looks as though GalleryNext will be there to fill the void for some users.

Like most CyanogenMod projects users are invited to try out the beta and make comments on the development of the GalleryNext app. You can get the details and links to get into the beta and the CyanogenMod community from its Google+ page.