Google and LEGO are teaming up to bring the brick building to the browser with a new LEGO Build with Chrome app. Google posted the news to its blog saying that it feels the creative freedom LEGO brings shouldn't be limited to plastic bins.

The application, which is available for PCs as well as tablets and smartphones with Chrome for Android, was originally built by an Australian team as a Chrome Experiment. When it took off, Google decided to take on the project full force and bring it to the public.

It appears to be very much like what you would imagine, a virtual sandbox with all the different shapes, sizes and colored Lego bricks you can think of. While Google product marketing manager Adrian Soghoian describes himself as a "beginning builder," there are brick building lessons starring characters from the upcoming LEGO film to hone in your stacking skills and become a master builder.

Another thing you likely already imagined is that the LEGO app will be deeply integrated with Google+, allowing users to share with and view creations from their contacts on the search giant's social network.

While this is certainly tied into the upcoming Lego film, it's also a way for the Chrome team to motivate other developers to create more apps and tools for the platform. You can check out Google's announcement video below or just head over to the site to view other people's creations and start building your own.