Walmart's on-demand shopping service has expanded in one test market to include an option for local pick-up. In addition to home delivery, Denver-area residents can now elect to shop online and pick up their groceries at a local store, all without having to step foot inside the discount department store.

Shoppers place their order online and will receive a call when the goods are ready for pick-up. Upon arrival, customers can pull up to a designated area outside of the store for pick-up and either call a phone number or enter an order number into a touchscreen kiosk to let staffers know you've arrived. In the event the store also has a pharmacy, pick-up will take place right at the pharmacy window.

Of course, Walmart is also hoping that customers might park, enter the store and snag a few extra items - perhaps something they forgot to add to the online order earlier in the day. Once in the store, executives hope customers will see even more items they wish to buy.

It's worth pointing out that the pick-up option isn't replacing the home delivery option. Instead, it's all about choice according to Walmart director of public relations Ravi Jariwala. Customers will ultimately dictate what shopping method is most convenient for them.

On-site pick-up is available at 11 stores in the Denver area as of writing. No word yet on when or if the company plans to expand the service to other markets.