Unlike Android, iOS has never allowed third-party keyboards to take over as the default text entry method, forcing Apple's rather spartan solution upon millions of iPhone users. The company isn't likely to loosen its grip anytime soon, but SwiftKey has done the next best thing releasing a note-taking app with their hugely popular predictive keyboard embedded onto it. Dubbed SwiftKey Note, the new app is available for free in the App Store.

The app itself is tightly integrated with Evernote which might entice many more to try it out. Evernote users who choose to connect SwiftKey's app with their account can type out notes using its word-prediction engine, and everything will be synced and saved back to Evernote's platform.

SwiftKey on iOS tries to predict words as you type them and will provide three alternatives in a bar above the keyboard, which otherwise looks like the standard iOS version. Once you've completed a word, three possibilities for the next word will appear, and so on. SwiftKey will learn about your typing habits the more you use the app or it can parse your existing notes in Evernote to speed up the process.

Not every feature was carried over its Android counterpart, however. Most notably it's missing SwiftKey Flow, an option which lets you glide your fingertip around the keyboard to form words.

SwiftKey says bringing Flow onto the iOS app is a more difficult challenge but it's on their potential feature list. They are also considering offering its keyboard to other iOS developers, similar to what startup Fleksy does.