Recently rumors surfaced regarding Microsoft possibly introducing a less expensive Xbox One without a disc drive. The rumors popped-up on NeoGaf (along with others) where it was suggested that such a box would hit store shelves in the Fall of this year with the release of Sunset Overdrive.

When asked for confirmation on the all-digital, $400 Xbox One, Microsoft's Xbox head Aaron Greenberg recently took to Twitter saying, "no, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet." Whether or not Greenberg is simply dismissing the time frame in which it will launch or the rumor completely is unclear at this point. 

An anonymous NeoGaffer also mentioned the release of a white Xbox One model as well as the release of a 1TB model in November. Other sources have confirmed that Microsoft is indeed planning on releasing its white employee-only Xbox One sometime this year, so that could be what we are talking about here. Previous reports have also confirmed that Microsoft is internally testing Xbox Ones without a Blu-ray drive, so these rumors do have some validity to them.

Beyond that, there is also some mention of worldwide Xbox launch dates and a major update coming in March with Xbox Live and other system wide fixes. At this point, Microsoft is said to be launching Xbox One in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Chile, and Argentina in April, among others. With a list of additional countries rumored to see the new machine hit stores in October.