Adobe Systems executive John Nack has left his position at the company after more than 14 years on the job to help Google manage their photo editing tools.

Nack said in a blog post that he was proud of the impact he's had at Adobe, from Smart Objects to Photoshop's first-ever public beta to countless little tweaks over the years. Moving forward, Nack said he would be getting a chance to work on some new projects that are about doing something very different and complementary to his work performed at Adobe.

Nack served as principal product manager for Photoshop during his stint at Adobe and most recently was involved in the company's mobile initiative. Yet despite the mobile push, Adobe is still very much catered to creative professionals. At Google, he'll be working on projects for a much broader and less expert-oriented audience.

Google showed interest in the space with their acquisitions of Panoramio and Picasa but it wasn't until Google+ launched that things got serious. Mobile editing saw a boost with the 2012 purchase of Nik Software and now with Nack on board, Google's digital photography team will be stronger than ever.

As an Adobe asset, the same blog that Nack used to announce his move will unfortunately be shut down. With any luck, the executive will find some time at Google to publish a similar blog as the Adobe variant has been a regular destination for many photography and digital imaging experts over the years.