While Google still cannot serve food on your table, it can now provide you with menu details and pricing information. According to a SearchEngineLand report, the Mountain View-based company has started showing complete restaurant menus in search results. The still unannounced feature was first spotted by Allie Brown, who tweeted the screenshot below showing a card-like result after searching for "jones brunch menu".

According to a research, 80 percent of customers wish to see the menu before they choose a restaurant. So, with Google putting menus right in the search results, it's nothing less than a blessing for those who are fed up of outdated and hard-to-navigate restaurant websites.

The process seems to be in experimental phase and nothing is confirmed yet. When reached out for details, a Google spokesperson replied: "We're always experimenting, nothing to announce at this time".

The feature is bound to save people's time while at the same time it'll help keep users on Google properties. But even though some restaurant owners with notoriously outdated websites might welcome the service, other probably won't be as delighted, as it nearly eliminates the need to visit a restaurant's website and thus limits their ability to do cross-promotions or display special event information. For what it's worth, the information from this example appears to be coming from AllMenus.com so it's not like it wasn't available from other sources already.