When Apple launched the iPad, many thought it was simply a giant iPod touch. Yes, the similarities are quite obvious, but the iPad was closer to a notebook in terms of usability. While the company's hardware has continued to push forward, Apple's software for its tablet have not kept up with industry trends.

When the iPad hit the market, it set the stage for what consumers could expect in the re-launched tablet space. A well-built, relatively thin device with great battery life and software that was finger-friendly and ready for anything you could throw at it (besides Flash). It was great, Apple sold millions, made billions, and it all went according to Apple's grand vision of dominating the segment.

I won't argue that Apple executed extremely well, there is no question there. The iPad's hardware is the best on the market and they continue to make quality and durable goods with each new release. Where Apple has fallen short, however, is that its software has not kept up with the industry in many ways.

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