Not much came out of the Motorola / Google deal in terms of consumer devices but that doesn't mean the two companies weren't working on stuff behind the scenes. One such product was a smartwatch prototype that went by the codename Gem and was allegedly going to be named Google Watch.

Android Police recently got their hands on some spy photos of the device believed to have existed last year. The prototype is shown with a rubberized band with a ratcheting strap of sorts and a square display with a sizable bezel. A rocker button sits horizontally above the screen while a capacitive back button lies below the display, opposite of the Motorola logo.

It's difficult to make out in the low-quality photos but symbols on the rocker appear to show a person running and a microphone. These clues point to a possible fitness mode or a voice-activated calling / search feature but without more information, it's pure speculation.

Another photo shows what looks to be a USB connector at the end of the wrist strap. Odds are, this would have been used to recharge the device.

It's unclear if Motorola will continue to work on this prototype under Lenovo's watch (no pun intended) or if they completely ditched the idea. Either way, we know they are working on a watch that will be available this year. In a recent tweet on the subject, the company said they aim to address consumer issues like style and battery life.