The latest Apple TV software update allows the set-top box to connect with AirPlay devices over Bluetooth as opposed to relying on the typical Bonjour connection.

Based on a recent report from AFP548, iPad running iOS 7.1 is able to connect with an Apple TV updated to 6.1 over Bluetooth. This connection is only possible with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0, according to the report.

According to AFP548, who tested out the Bluetooth connection with Mac OS X, 10.9.2 was unable to see the Apple TV. The report suggests this could be something we see in a future update.

The updated functionality is likely is some way aimed at system administrators in businesses and schools. While some of these types of organizations block Bonjour, this will enable IT staff to configure connections between AirPlay devices and Apple TVs anyways. Recently Apple added Apple TV to its loyalty program in what some suggest is part of the company's push to have schools use the set-top box as projectors.

Last month reports surfaced saying we could see a revised Apple TV by April, after the company was said to be in talks with Time Warner again. While it is said we could see the device revealed by April, it is likely we wouldn't the device it store shelves until much later in the year. To download the latest firmware for your Apple TV please head here.