Bright House Networks has announced plans to build a gigabit broadband network for homeowners in Tampa, Florida, less than a month after Google selected 34 cities for possible Google Fiber expansion. Bright House President Nomi Bergman said their decision wasn't influenced by Google Fiber but rather their desire to embrace technology as a differentiator in the community that they are building. With the fastest residential broadband speed currently offered in the US being 505 megabits per second, a one-gigabit connection would certainly be a differentiator.

The network will wire 6,000 homes in Tampa communities planned by real-estate developer Metro Development Group (MDG). The first homes with the speedy connection will be move-in ready this summer, the developer said, while the entire build-out should be complete within three years.

Naturally, the fast connection will be marketed to prospective home buyers. Pricing hasn't been decided upon just yet although MDG President Greg Singleton promised rates would be extremely competitive.

Bright House Networks is one of just a few providers to commit to matching the speeds offered by Google.  Back in December, General Communications Inc. said they would start offering gigabit broadband in Alaska starting in 2015 while select residents in Mississippi can now pre-register for a fiber connection through regional wireless provider C Spire (formerly Cellular South).

A gigabit connection to the home is largely overkill at this point but as more streaming content hits to the web and 4K Ultra HD takes hold, it will certainly become worthwhile.