Amazon’s pending set-top box is one of the worst kept secrets in tech as of late but according to the latest rumblings, the device might not take the form of a set-top box at all. Multiple sources familiar with the product have told TechCrunch that the form factor will be similar to Google’s Chromecast instead of a traditional streaming box like the Apple TV.

As the publication points out, the form factor really shouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point considering Roku just unveiled a device that essentially uses the same dongle-like form factor as Chromecast.

Perhaps even more interesting, however, is that one of the sources claims the device will be able to stream full PC game titles. The functionality is described as more like OnLive’s service rather than local streaming as we’ve seen with Nvidia’s Shield.

A collection of top-tier games would be streamed from Amazon’s servers at 30fps but unlike others that have struggled in the space, Amazon already has the infrastructure in place to handle digital content and cloud services. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see Amazon use their server farms to also stream games.

The gaming rumor also jibes with leaked images of an Amazon gamepad that surfaced late last week. And if the service is to be bundled as part of Amazon Prime along with its streaming video service, it would certainly help offset the recent $20 price hike that left some questioning whether or not they wanted to keep the service. It would also help fend off competitors like ShopRunner that only offer shipping services.