Metadot, makers of the popular Das Keyboard, have introduced a new mechanical board that CEO Daniel Guermeur claims is an order of magnitude improvement over previous generations. It's called the Das Keyboard 4 and is the most significant update to the line since the original hit the market years ago.

The Das Keyboard 4 features a refined enclosure with a cutting-edge look designed to reduce vibration. Aesthetics are also improved with the use of hex screws instead of traditional Philips screws and there's also a new anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability.

The board features an oversized volume knob and dedicated media controls, an instant sleep button that puts the connected system into sleep mode and a magnetic footbar (instead of traditional flip-out feet) that inclines the board ever so slightly. Other extras include two USB 3.0 hubs, N-key rollover for USB and a cable that measures 6.6 feet in length.

The Das Keyboard 4 is available in a number of different configurations, both with traditional QWERTY key labels (Professional) and without (Ultimate). Both versions come with either the Cherry MX Blue switches for a clicky, tactile feel or the Cherry MX Brown switches that offer a more subtle and lighter typing experience.

Pricing starts at $169 for either board with the Cherry MX Blue switches while the Brown switches command a few more bucks at $173. The board is available in the traditional, German, UK and Nordic layout and will ship at the end of April.