Twitter is rolling out two new mobile features that will make sharing photos on the platform a more social experience. The first is photo tagging which, as the name suggests, lets Twitter users tag people in their photos. The feature allows the tagging of up to 10 people in a single photo without affecting the 140 character count. Once you upload a photo, you'll notice a new "Who's in this photo?" button on the compose screen.

Users can adjust who can tag them and other privacy options via the settings menu. Options include allowing anyone to tag you in a photo (the default option), permitting just people you follow to tag you or blocking photo tags completely. If you're on the receiving end of a tag, you'll get a notification saying as much.

The other new feature allows users to share up to four photos in a single tweet. To view multiple images, simply tap on a picture and scroll through to see the others. Twitter said this feature is rolling out now on the iPhone while Android and web versions will arrive soon. It's also worth pointing out that both new features will display in embedded tweets.

The new features will no doubt help the microblogging platform with discovery, an issue they've struggled with for quite some time now. They also make Twitter look and feel even more like rivals Facebook and Instagram which may or may not be a good thing.

Users will need to get the latest apps for their respective platform to enable the new features. If you wish to download the latest version for Android please head here.