Samsung has unveiled a line of smart LED light bulbs just days after rival LG did the same. The company's offering is aptly called the Smart Bulb and will be available in a number of different styles (traditional bulbs, tubes, spotlight, etc.) although Wi-Fi connectivity is noticeably missing.

Favoring practicality over possibility (they don't change colors like the Philips Hue) and aimed at consumers and businesses alike, the bulbs do feature adjustable color temperatures ranging from 2700K on the warm side up to 6500K to better simulate daylight.

They are also dimmable down to 10 percent brightness and fit in traditional light sockets for ease of use and greater compatibility. Samsung rates the bulbs at 15,000 hours which should be good for around 10 years based on average use.

Connectivity is handled by Bluetooth instead of or in addition to Wi-Fi. Samsung claims this method will simplify installation as there's no need to install an access point or hub in order to control up to 64 bulbs at any given time. All that's needed is a smartphone or a tablet running Samsung's Smart Bulb application.

There are also plans for a model with a built-in ZigBee radio for better integration with home automation systems, we've heard.

No word yet on how much Samsung plans to sell the Smart Bulb for. They are planning to launch the line next week at the Light + Building 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, so expect more information at that time.