Samsung's next bright idea: Smart LED light bulbs

Shawn Knight

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Samsung has unveiled a line of smart LED light bulbs just days after rival LG did the same. The company's offering is aptly called the Smart Bulb and will be available in a number of different styles (traditional bulbs, tubes,...

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I'd probably go with LG's version since I use Wi-Fi a lot more than I use BT at home. Too bad Samsung, you missed a good opportunity here. Hopefully your Wi-Fi version is only a couple months away.

At LG's $32 a pop, I'll have to wait for Samsung or someone else to catch up to LG and bringing the price down before I buy.
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Ha! That didn't take long. Clearly Samsung reads Techspot.

I wonder if their app to control the lights would be available for iPhone.


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Likely they'll make it so you can only control them their their Gaylaxy Gears that no one wants.


Smart bulb? my girlfriend could control (almost) all the bulbs in her house through remote control or several touchscreen-control-panels placed on the wall, or with her smartphone/pc (wifi, IR, internet, bluetooth)

she doesn't use any smart bulb, instead using 'smart light socket' and 'intelligent electricity circuit' on her house..