It may still be a few years before we see proper DDR4 adoption in the consumer space, but some memory manufacturers are certainly gearing up for the onslaught of motherboards supporting the improved memory spec. SK Hynix is one such company, today unveiling a DDR4 module with a massive capacity of 128 GB.

Based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology, the memory module uses SK Hynix's 20nm 8Gb chips, densely packed onto the standard-sized RAM unit. The module packs speeds of 2133 Mbps, and through a 64-bit wide bus can support transfers at 17 GB per second. It's also expected to be power efficient, operating at just 1.2V compared to the 1.5V required for DDR3.

It's no surprise that the 128 GB DDR4 module is destined for server applications, as its huge capacity will likely go unused in consumer systems for the time being. SK Hynix has mentioned that mass production of the modules will begin in 2015, coinciding with availability of DDR4-capable hardware.

DDR4 isn't just destined for traditional computers and servers though. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 SoC announced yesterday will support DDR4's low power brother, LPDDR4, when it launches at the start of 2015. Expect other mobile hardware manufacturers to jump aboard the DDR4 train from next year.