The battle over online video streaming continues as Amazon said its Instant Video platform is now the third most popular of its kind in the US. While there isn't all that much of a battle happening considering Netflix's supremacy in the field, Amazon claims it has surpassed both Apple and Hulu to retain the third position.

According to data from video-delivery analysis company Qwilt, Amazon video streams have tripled in the past year bumping the company from fifth to third place. Today only Netflix and Youtube produce more total video streaming traffic, said Qwilt.

While the top two spots aren't likely to be dethroned any time soon, the race for third spot is heating up as even Yahoo is said to have plans to get in on the action with its own instant video service and original programming. All of this happened before the announcement of Fire TV last week, something Amazon is expecting to increase its share even further.

While Amazon's original content isn't nearly as popular as Netflix shows, they do seem to be capturing more interest than content from direct competitor Hulu and is something the company feels is important to its video platform's growth moving forward. "We've invested hundreds of millions of dollars in great TV shows and movies for Prime members and it's working," Amazon video and music executive Bill Carr said in a statement recently.

Amazon didn't necessarily pin point which avenues of its business are causing the most amount of growth, but it's clear the company's deep pockets will continue to push its video services on all fronts for the foreseeable future.