Twitter on Tuesday announced a massive profile page redesign that's already rolling out to select users. It's the same design that we caught a glimpse of back in February but now we have all of the details to go along with the redesign courtesy of the little blue bird.

In a blog post on the matter, Twitter outlined several of the new features associated with the redesign. Moving forward, tweets that have received the most engagement will appear slightly larger as to stand out from the others.

And if there is a particular tweet that you are most proud of, you can pin it to the top of your page so it'll be the first one that visitors see. It's worth pointing out, however, that each fresh tweet you send out will bump the pinned tweet down the list by one. If you want the pinned tweet to stay near the top, you'll need to repeatedly re-pin it (or stop sending out new tweets).

Another new feature is the ability to choose which timeline view you see when visiting other profiles. Available options include tweets only, tweets with photos and videos or tweets and replies only.

As noted previously, the profile picture and header image are now much larger than before  - borrowing heavily from Facebook.

The new design is available today to a small group of users and will be rolling out in the coming weeks to everyone. If you simply can't wait, there's always the option of creating a new account as all new accounts will start with the new layout.