The Hitman series of stealth games has found a new home on the iPad. Console titles aren't exactly known to transition very well to mobile which is why Square Enix has reimagined Hitman Go as a board game.

You're probably thinking they've totally ruined the franchise but don't turn away just yet as the game actually looks pretty compelling if the trailer is any indication.

Players must successfully navigate Agent 47 from the starting point to the exit of each level. Instead of the familiar third-person perspective, you're actually working with a small playing piece on a virtual game board. Sneak up behind a guard and you can remove the game piece - essentially killing them.

But be careful because if you get too close while they are facing you, it is game over and you'll need to restart the level.

Each map features a different layout with guards positioned in varying locations. As you progress further, the game introduces a number of new elements and mechanics that will have an impact on how you approach each level.

For example, you may need to navigate to a certain area to retrieve a colored key to open a specific door or you could use a trap door to quickly jump to another point on the map. There are even disguises that let you pass by guards without being made.

The game is available as of writing for $4.99 from the App Store and should arrive for Android gamers in the near future.