Apple has been focused on the goal of powering all of its facilities with 100% renewable energy, and is now very close to doing so. In 2010 the company was powering its corporate campuses and data centers with about 35% renewable power, but Apple has since increased its efforts significantly pushing that number to about 94% and counting.

After receiving praise from Greenpeace with an excellent clean energy index rating, a recent report from Wired gives a detailed analysis of the company's ongoing environmental efforts led by Apple's VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson. Jackson, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sees a major opportunity for Apple to lead innovation in the field. Data centers are said to be an area of growth in the industry and Apple is clearly already emerging as a leader among tech companies.

One thing to remember here is that the numbers surrounding Apple's 94% renewable energy usage does not include the actual use, manufacturing, or logistics of sales on its products, which according to Wired, accounts for 98% of its carbon footprint.

Regardless, Apple is certainly a leader in terms of being environmentally conscious with its use of renewable energy at datacenter locations, the lack of harmful toxins used in its manufacturing processes and the amount of electricity its products use. Today, Apple released a short film highlighting its efforts in these areas narrated by CEO Tim Cook. You can see the new video below and more about Apple's environmental initiatives at