While many people have opted in for some kind of home sound system like the Sonos set-ups, of which I've heard generally good things about, I personally still like to do most of my listening with desktop speakers in my home office/studio. Sonos and Bose players can work in a smaller home office situation as well, but I still find that more traditional active speakers from the pro audio companies suit me best. As you might be able to tell from my headphones post, I generally go for products from the pro audio companies and so KRK was the first stop for high quality desktop speakers.

Now KRK's line-up can be quite pricey, I have had experience with both the pro VXT line and the newest Rockit models and think that both are great options. You obviously get what you pay for, but I find the 5" Rockit's to be great near field speakers that offer nice clarity and bass (considering the size) for, in my opinion, a very reasonable price tag. If you have a larger room (and more to spend), the the VXT 8's are the best sound makers out there, in my opinion.

So for this week's open forum we want to know what speakers you like to use on your desktop. Are the pro audio speakers over priced for simple home office set-ups? Has everyone already switched over to multi-colored Bluetooth speakers and fully integrated home audio systems?