In an attempt to take on big names like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, Yahoo has announced two original series of its own. The two TV-length shows will be half-hour comedies and will launch on Yahoo Screen next year.

The first is called Other Space and it comes from three time Emmy nominee Paul Feig. It’s described as a galactic adventure set in the early 22nd century when the human race has mapped most of the known universe. A spaceship on a routine collection mission stumbles into the greatest discovery in history: an alternate universe, far stranger and way more dangerous than ours.

The show will focus on the ship's crew -- a collection of overmatched rookies, feuding siblings, burned-out veterans and obsolete robots – as they explore this new universe to try and find a way back home alive.

The second feature is known as Sin City Saints and comes from executive producer Mike Tollin and two-time Emmy nominated director Bryan Gordon. Yahoo tells us this is an off-beat comedy set in the front office of a fictional pro basketball expansion team in Las Vegas.

The show will revolve around Jake Tullus, a Silicon Valley tycoon whose lifelong dream was to buy a pro basketball team but quickly finds he's in over his head. The group he assembled won't be much help.

Yahoo has ordered eight episodes of each show to start and all episodes will be released at once for those that like to binge watch. Expect them to hit the web early next year.