Following the quiet launch of the GeForce 337.81 Beta drivers a few weeks ago, Nvidia have released a new WHQL-certified driver with a wide range of improvements. Some of the improvements in the GeForce 337.88 WHQL driver we've seen before in past beta releases stretching back to early April's 337.50 Beta, while others are new.

Two of the main improvements in 337.88 you will have experienced already if you were keeping up to date with beta drivers. One of them is the optimized DirectX performance we saw in 337.50, which cut down CPU overhead and boosted frame rates in a selection of games. The other is full support for single-tile 4K Ultra HD displays, which was announced as part of 337.81.

What's new to this driver are a large range of updated SLI and 3D Vision profiles, covering games such as Battlefield 4DaylightWatch Dogs, and Dark Souls II. Nvidia also claims performance gains of 10% or higher in several titles, including Call of Duty: GhostsTeam Fortress 2, and Hitman: Absolution, while playing at either 4K or WQHD resolutions.

The GeForce 337.88 WHQL driver is also "Game Ready" for Watch Dogs, which launched today worldwide on PC as well as the major consoles. This particular driver is optimized to deliver the best single- and multi-GPU performance in the game, while showcasing Nvidia-exclusive GameWorks technologies such as HBAO+ and TXAA.

Don't forget to check out our performance preview of Watch Dogs, which highlights what frame rates to expect on your system.

To grab the GeForce 337.88 WHQL driver, you can either let Nvidia's GeForce Experience app automatically update it for you, or you can manually install it by downloading it through our driver download section. Here are the links: