Kids these days have it way different than I did growing up. Things like smartphones and tablets simply didn’t exist back then and while desktop computers and the Internet were around, neither were nearly as prevalent as they are today.

Before the touchscreen gadgets we’re accustomed to these days, working on a computer was actually pretty tough. You had bulky hardware that was far from portable but that was only the start. Getting anything done on an old system meant you had to know a wealth of commands to operate the machine which is what the kids in the clip below found out the hard way.

What you’re looking at is the latest installment of “Kids React,” a video series produced by the Fine Bros. As the name suggests, the series asks kids ages six to 13 to react to a wide range of topics – everything from current events and cultural artifacts. As you could imagine, the reactions are often priceless as they come from a generation with no notion of the way things used to be.

The computer in question today dates back to the 1970s. It’s missing modern amenities like a mouse, hard drive, the Internet and even a basic graphic user interface. Instead, you had to rely on floppy disks to load programs and deal with the annoying “error” message each time you typed in an incorrect command.

So, how did the old system fare with something like gaming? As six-year-old Sydney says, “It’s better than Flappy Bird.”

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