I have been through many headsets in the last few months. Some have been very poor, while others have been great but had a few minor niggling issues.

Here today I'm covering the top-end Turtle Beach EarForce Call of Duty: Ghosts - Phantom headset. Despite this being a Call of Duty-branded headset, it is essentially a PX51 Headset. So if you have been looking at that headset, everything here in this review applies to that model too.

The Phantom Headset is easy to get up and running. You connect the transmitter via USB to one of your free ports on your games console and then run the included optical cable to the optical out port on your Xbox One, 360, PS4/PS3 or PC. Depending on how you run sound from your console, you may need to adjust some settings on your machine to get the audio to come out.

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