Earlier today I swung by Lian Li's booth at Computex 2014, and they had a number of cool PC cases on show, including a number of crazy PC chassis of varying sizes integrated into tables. The showcase product was a massive desk that has enough space for two separate PCs: one using a standard ATX board, and another using a mini-ITX board.

There's enough space in the case for a whopping 16 storage drives, eight 120mm fans, high-end graphics cards, reasonably large coolers, and two PSUs. Accessing the PC components is easy with the bottom part of the desk sliding out, and there's space behind the tray for power boards and cable management. It's well made, strong if chunky, and comfortable to sit at and game with the keyboard and mouse situated on the attachable panel.

The case, called the DK-02, isn't cheap though, costing over $1,100 which will put it out of reach of most buyers.

Some of the other new and tweaked cases Lian Li had on show feature clever modular designs, where panels and trays are removable to suit your needs or to make PC building easier. The cube case below had a removable acrylic panel on the top as well as side panels that slide out, and it also looks great with the signature fantastic Lian Li construction.

Another case on display at Computex isn't quite ready for release, but it's a modular test bench where you can swap around the position of the motherboard tray and fan array.

A new slimline tower case was shown, compatible with mini-ITX motherboards and small discrete GPUs. When fully closed the aluminium case looks fantastic and is well suited to those looking for a small PC case that can still carry powerful components, perhaps as a living room gaming system.

Finally, Lian Li was showing off a second case that has enough space for two separate systems inside, this one being a more traditional large tower in the shape of a cube. Designed for hardcore enthusiasts, the case will eventually go on sale for somewhere around $400.