There are many music streaming hardware devices out there designed to allow you to beam tunes around your home or office, and now Motorola has its own solution with the Moto Stream. The tiny unit works much the same way other audio streaming devices do, essentially turning your existing wired audio system into wireless speakers.

Users can simultaneously pair up to five smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices to the small streaming box. Devices can be connected through the traditional means or with a simple tap using NFC. It uses an included micro USB cable to charge and, according to Motorola, users with Class 1 Bluetooth devices can control the tiny streamer from up to 300 feet away.

It also has something called "Heist Mode" which allows connected devices to take over the stream and switch to a new song. A Motorola blog post says that "anyone can jump in and drop a track. And if you don't like their choice, heist it."

Some have drawn comparisons between the Moto Stream and Google's Android-only NexusQ streamer the company pulled off the market back in 2012. Some major differences are that, unlike Google's streamer, the Moto Stream has multi platform support so it will work with Windows, iOS and Android devices. It is also a fraction of the $200 Google wanted for its box, with a suggested retail price of $49.99. 

Moto Stream is available today on Motorola's site and will be available at Radio Shack locations starting on June 6th.