LinkedIn on Wednesday announced a new profile design for paying members to help them stand out from the crowd. The changes include a larger photo and expanded profile header, early access to a new custom profile background with access to an exclusive gallery of background images to choose from.

As outlined in a blog post on the matter, LinkedIn also outlined a new entry-level premium subscription called Premium Spotlight, For $9.99 each month, subscribers will get access to things like keyword suggestions to help show up in more search results.

The membership also includes Open Profile that lets users open their profile up to every LinkedIn member and access to a 90-day list of who’s viewed your profile. Furthermore, users will be able to access the top 100 results for how they rank against first-degree connections and companies. The social network says this is a great way to see how a user’s presence measures up against their peers.

The changes no doubt reflect the overall layout of social networking giant Facebook and come just shy of two months after Twitter began rolling out a similar redesign. It’s clear that design trends are moving from text-heavy layouts to putting more of an emphasis on visuals.

The LinkedIn rollout is getting under way today in all English-speaking regions although it’s limited to the desktop for now. A spokesperson for LinkedIn said a mobile version is in the works, however.