Silverstone invited me over to their booth at Computex Taipei, where something hidden away in one of their cases caught my eye: a closed-loop CPU cooler without a pump. Normally such a cooler would have a small pump above the CPU, but this cooler simply has liquid pipes connecting straight to a metal heat-dissipating block.

The way this cooler works is through a special type of evaporative liquid, which flows through the pipes when it absorbs heat from the CPU block. The liquid is capable of providing similar cooling power to traditional coolant when paired with Silverstone's radiator, so the pumpless solution doesn't impact performance.

What's even better is that by removing the pump, there's barely any noise emitted by the system, especially when paired with a passive radiator. Silverstone love their quiet products, which is why they've spent time thinking of ways to reduce the noise of liquid cooling solutions such as this.

Unfortunately Silverstone tells me this pumpless cooler is just a prototype that's unlikely to come to the market at this stage. The company says this type of closed-loop cooler is very expensive to produce, and it's unlikely consumers would be willing to pay the extra cash just to remove the pump.