Yahoo is moving forward with plans to discontinue access to its services using Facebook and Google logins. After removing the feature from its Tourney Pick'Em service earlier this year, the Mayer campaign is turning its attention to Flickr.

According to a report from The Next Web, the Internet pioneer has been e-mailing users of the photo sharing site about the change. Specifically, they'll need to create a Yahoo account (or use an existing account) and link it to Flickr before June 30 to continue without a service interruption.

The e-mail added that Yahoo wants to make the transition as easy as possible. As such, users can sign in with their Facebook or Google account one last time to get started on creating a Yahoo ID.

Flickr added third-party login support more than three years ago in an effort to boost the site's user base but that was before Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo CEO. It's now clear that under her leadership, the strategy has been reversed - use the popularity of Flickr to boost Yahoo's base.

With a unified login, Yahoo says they will be able to offer the best personalized experience possible across all portals. As you may know, Yahoo offers a number of web services in addition to e-mail covering content like sports, news and weather.

One has to wonder how long it'll take before other major web properties decide to ditch third-party logins.