Home theater PCs and gaming systems traditionally haven't had a whole lot in common but with the proliferation of 4K televisions and faster graphics cards, we're seeing more gamers shift their play from the desk to the living room.

Roccat's latest offering, the Sova Gaming Keyboard, looks to cater to this emerging market. This unique gaming accessory - a hybrid lap-desk, if you will - consists of a 74-key mechanical keyboard with a large palm rest, mousing surface, mouse bungee and a smartphone rail all built into a lightweight aluminum plank.

An obvious play on the word "sofa," the Sova uses Cherry MX key switch which can be individually lit. The mouse pad, meanwhile, can extend or retract to best fit your surroundings. The bottom of the accessory is padded, ventilated and even has a track for your mouse cable.

A wired mouse with a living room gaming setup, you ask? It's possible as the Sova is able to transform your wired mouse into a wireless signal for your PC to pick up although the amount of latency it'll introduce wasn't mentioned. The setup can even sync with your smartphone using Roccat's Power-Grid software and offers up to 12 hours of gameplay, we're told.

Roccat founder and CEO René Korte said the Sova was designed with Valve's Steam Machine initiative in mind. That makes a lot of sense as even with Valve's Steam Controller, many gamers still prefer the tried and true mouse and keyboard approach to PC gaming.

The Sova will be available in silver and matte black but unfortunately, a release date and price point are both unknown at this point.